Weight Loss Supplements: Differences between Realdose and Qnexa

Society will forever be fighting in the battle of the bulge as long as fast food restaurants, unlimited buffets, and 24-hour food joints are in existence. But that doesn’t mean people can’t arm themselves with artillery that comprises of a healthy diet, regular exercise, and natural supplements. While many people will willingly accept the fact that a healthy diet and regular exercise has to become part of your lifestyle to be successful in losing weight, there are those who solely rely on the effects of supplements or weight loss drugs.

These drugs vary so much in potency, effectiveness, safety, and brands that it would be somewhat difficult to keep up with all the new developments as well as existing ones. How do you decide which supplement is the right one for you and if you’re a good candidate for them? And which ones are safe for longer use versus those with innumerable side effects? These are all things that need to be taken into consideration carefully when deciding on a supplement as your primary or secondary means of weight loss.

Dangers of Prescription Weight Loss Drugs like Qnexa

Not all weight loss drugs are created the same way even though they all have the same perceived goal and that is to help you lose weight. Unfortunately, many of the drug companies that manufacture these pills disregard some of the harmful effects that a lot of the ingredients may produce. And even though many of them are FDA approved, which means absolutely nothing when it comes to the health and safety of food and drug production, they still possess potential dangers to your health and well being. The following are just some of the risks you may be undertaking with some weight loss drugs.

  • Some weight loss drugs have can cause addiction
  • Can contain unnatural ingredients that can lead to heart attacks, strokes and eventually death
  • Some drugs may not be approved for human use, yet still are able to infiltrate the market
  • May result in severe mood swings, depression, anxiety and even violent and suicidal behaviors
  • Muscle and joint pains
  • May become ineffective after a long period of use
  • Other neurological and physical side effects such as decreased coordination, double vision, memory loss, insomnia, allergic reactions, stomach pains, migraines, vomiting, and more.

One controversial weight loss drug that has the potential for such side effects would be Qnexa. Qnexa is a drug that’s comprised of many other drugs which contain ingredients such as Phentermine and Topiramate. These ingredients work to suppress the individuals’ appetite which should eventually result in weight loss. But because of the potential dangers of this drug and its countless side effects, you may be paying a bigger price to lose weight than the initial cost of the drugs.

Qnexa is basically a cocktail drug that utilizes the effects of potentially harmful elements to achieve weight loss results. Drugs like Phentermine are known for causing tachycardia which is increased heart rate and elevated blood pressure, both of which are very risky to your health. Topamax, the other main ingredient in Qnexa, has side effects that include constipation, nausea, headache, flu-like symptoms, diarrhea, sleeplessness, stomach pains, and more. Even though not everyone who uses Qnexa may experience these side effects or worse, the risks are still considerably high considering that there are safer and better alternatives available when it comes to weight loss drugs.

Benefits of All Natural Supplements Such as Realdose

Generally, people who opt to take supplements as part of their weight loss plan find that they can’t seem to lose enough weight with just diet and exercise alone. Most, if not all medical professionals and health consultants would advise against using weight loss drugs unless you’re obese, but there are some natural supplements available that would be considered safe regardless whether you’re obese or not.

Natural supplements can come in the form of herbal dietary supplements or weight loss supplements and have many benefits to them. Because they’re mostly made of all natural ingredients that you can find in nature, many of these are safe to take and present minor to no side effects at all. The following are some of the benefits of natural supplements.

  • They help to increase your energy levels
  • They can boost your metabolism
  • Naturally, curb your appetite without the feeling of starvation
  • Increases the body’s ability to burn excess fat
  • Lower cholesterol levels and high blood pressure
  • Supplies the body with additional nutrients
  • Can achieve desired results without exercising

One natural supplement that you might consider would be Realdose. Realdose is a natural weight loss supplement that’s been tested to help you lose weight effectively and permanently, this of course combined with a healthy lifestyle. There are two main ingredients in this supplement that works to help you lose weight. The first is a combination of Piper Beetle Leaf and Dolichos Biflorus seed extract that increases the hormone adiponectin which enables your body to burn fat for energy and decreases your ghrelin levels which is the hormone that makes you hungry.

The second active ingredient in this supplement would be a patented green coffee bean extract indigenous to Madagascar. It limits the absorption of glucose and for those on a low carb diet, it can also prevent the carbs you do take in from turning into fat. These main ingredients are all natural and work with the chemistry of your body to boost weight loss results.

So if you’re looking for something safe and natural to boost your weight loss activities, then consult with your doctor and see if Realdose is for you. You have nothing to lose except excess fat and unwanted pounds.

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