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Fighting the urge to quit drinking is a battle that many face. It is extremely hard at times, but with the right attitude and the right tools, you can do it. You will be happier and a lot healthier without alcohol deteriorating your overall health and mental state.

Your dentist just told you that you needed a root canal. It sounds frightening and painful. You may have asked him why, or how the procedure will be performed, but let’s face it: at this point, you’re so worried you probably didn’t even pay attention to half of what he was saying.

Society will forever be fighting in the battle of the bulge as long as fast food restaurants, unlimited buffets, and 24-hour food joints are in existence. But that doesn’t mean people can’t arm themselves with artillery that comprises of a healthy diet, regular exercise, and natural supplements. While many people will willingly accept the fact […]

When it comes to maintaining a healthy life, there’s no substitute for sleep. A good night’s sleep gives us energy and makes us stay active all the day. Nowadays, people often fall prey to sleep problems. Poor sleep makes you drowsy and affects the overall quality of your life. It can cripple you physically, mentally […]

Being ¬brainy is important, and we all know that. Intelligence is something that helps us hone our skills. Being brainy means not just being intelligent but being focused as well. Our brain is a very hungry organ. It is among one of the first organs that absorbs all the nutrients from the food we eat. This […]